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Summer Connect

Summer Connect is an 8-week summer Cru experience you can be a part of wherever you are, featuring inspiring content, fun community, and an eternal cause. Join a Summer Connect Hub, or participate by yourself and with a few friends. No matter where you are this summer, you can make your summer count for eternity with Summer Connect.

Ozark Lakes

Ozark Lakes Summer Mission has been an exciting, Christ-centered, life changing experience helping students build life-long friendships and grow in their faith since 1978! This summer we will learn from the Bible, engage in a community of authentic fellowship and be equipped to talk to others about Christ. The summer is designed for college students desiring to enhance their leadership skills (personal, spiritual and ministry), walk with God and impact others for Christ. Men’s and women’s times each week will help you gain a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ. You will have a job on this mission where you will experience intentional relationships with co-workers. You will be prepared to lead on your campus and equipped for a lifetime of personal ministry regardless of whatever vocation God calls you to after graduation.

In the beautiful Ozark Mountains, you will have opportunities to go caving, canoeing, and hiking. Lake Taneycomo affords some of the best trout fishing in the world. Join us for a great adventure in your journey with Christ.

At the end of the summer, our hope is that you have fallen more in love with Jesus and that as an overflow of loving Christ with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, you will be compelled to tell others about His amazing love!



Come grow your faith, grow your friendships, and grow your impact on Miami Summer Mission. You will live in the city exploring cultures and discovering how God can be present in your daily life. God will show you how your life can be used to change the lives of those around you.

In Miami you will work a job and develop a heart and skills to share Jesus with your co-workers. Miami is an international city where you will work alongside and get to know people from different cultures. You will join a campus team to help build up Cru movements and connect with students on campuses with little or no Christian presence.

Get deep with your small group. Worship the God you’re discovering each day with us and with diverse church communities. Adventure with us on the beaches, islands, and rivers of South Florida. Learn to love your roommates who will be Cru students from across the country. Learn to love people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Chances are you’ll live in a city after you graduate. Come discover with us how to be part of what God is doing in the city.


Moscow Russia

Join us this summer for the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in the most influential city in Russia, and one of the most influential cities in the world. In a city of 12 million, nearly 1 out of 10 people you will see this summer is a college student. Students from all over Russia come to Moscow to study, and you will have the chance to share Christ with these future leaders of their nation.

All of Russia’s diverse ethnic and religious groups are represented in the city of Moscow, and we have the chance to reach students from people groups from every corner of the country. Come with us, and be a part of seeing a country transformed by Christ changing the lives of Russia’s college students.


Greek Summit: Breckenridge

Greek Summit Colorado is located in the quaint little town of Breckenridge, nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. There will be plenty of time to enjoy some biking, hiking, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, and some shopping in town.

Greek Summit has been said to be the most amazing 2 weeks and 4 days of your college experience! The 1st week we will focus on your walk with Christ, helping you develop a deeper love for God, teaching you essential things like how to spend time in the Word, the necessity of prayer, and how to grow in Godly character.  The second week we will emphasize equipping you for ministry for the Fall and for the rest of your life.  We will cover topics like how to disciple others, how to lead a bible study, and how to communicate your faith and your personal testimony. The content will mainly be covered in the mornings, with lots of free time in the afternoon and evening.


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